Pre-proposal in next Veni round social sciences and humanities

27 February 2018

The NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities will pilot the use of a pre-proposal phase in the next Veni funding round. The aim of this measure is to save applicants time, and therefore money, and to further increase the quality of the selection procedure. All candidates for the next Veni round within the social sciences and humanities should submit a pre-proposal by 28 August 2018. The proposal will consist of a CV and a concise research idea. In addition, the candidate will submit an expression of support (“embedding guarantee”) from the intended research institution.

The deadline for full Veni proposals will – just as for the other NWO domains – subsequently be in January 2019. Applicants who doubt whether their application fits within the social sciences and humanities are requested to contact NWO for advice before August 2018. It is expected that the call for proposals and the application form for the Veni round will be available on the NWO website at the start of June. Until the call is published, NWO will supply specific information to potential applicants and the grant desks of universities and research institutions.

Why is this pilot taking place within the social sciences and humanities?

NWO announced in October 2017 that it wants to reduce the application pressure. This pilot is one of the outcomes of these plans. During previous Veni rounds, more than half of the approximately 1000 Veni proposals were submitted to the NWO Domain Social Science and Humanities; less than 10% of these proposals could be awarded funding. Almost 90% of the costs related to a proposal are borne by the applicants. If fewer applicants submit a full research proposal then this will result in a considerable and demonstrable saving of time and money.

New procedure

Candidates who want to submit a proposal for the next Veni round within the social sciences and humanities must submit a pre-proposal before the end of August 2018. This pre-proposal will consist of a CV, concise research idea and an embedding guarantee from the intended research institution. A Veni committee divided into eight (multi)disciplinary panels will assess the pre-proposals. Only after a positive decision about the pre-proposal, will applicants from the social sciences and humanities be able to submit a full Veni proposal in January 2019.

Changes in the CV template

In order to make a reliable assessment of the pre-proposals, NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities will change the template of the CV to be submitted as follows:

  • The CV will provide more space for the exceptional qualities of the individual researcher.
  • Applicants will be given the opportunity to state their top publications, what the standards are in their discipline and the extent to which they satisfy these standards. As a result of this it will be possible to take the pluriformity of the different disciplines more fully into account.
  • Applicants will be given the opportunity to motivate why they – with their specific research profile, past performance and list of publications – are the most suitable person to realise the research idea.

In addition to the CV, the applicant will be asked to briefly describe a research idea in the pre-proposal.

What is an embedding guarantee?

The candidates should include an embedding guarantee in the Veni pre-proposal. With an embedding guarantee, universities express their confidence in a candidate and his or her proposal. For the Veni application this concerns a statement from the intended institution that if the researcher is awarded funding then he or she will have the opportunity to carry out the research within the institution making use of all facilities that are required for this. NWO is introducing the embedding guarantee for the entire Veni and Vidi programmes from the coming funding rounds onwards.


NWO will carefully monitor the pre-proposal pilot and based on the outcomes of this it will take a decision about how future funding rounds will be realised.

Contact persons within NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities:

Kasper Gossink, policy officer Talent Scheme
E:, T: +31 70 344 0557

Jan-Joost de Man, communication advisor
E:, T: +31 70 349 4457


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