Grants NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences February 2018

14 February 2018

This month the board of the NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences has granted five projects within the Open Technology Programme. In addition, four applicants receive Vici funding within AES. The granted projects are listed below by programme and in alphabetical order.

Open Technology programme

A novel biomimetic artificial intervertebral disc: Preserving natural spinal interactions and functions with an integrated biomimetic design
Prof. dr. ir. K. Ito, Eindhoven University of Technology

PlasmaPonics - Precision Horticulture with Locally Plasma-Produced Nitrogen Fertilizers
Prof. dr. V. Hessel, Eindhoven University of Technology

Quantum operations on a 1024-Qubit Processor
Dr. ir. M. Veldhorst, Delft University of Technology

STAbLE: System based Thermo-Acoustic design of centraL heating Equipment
Prof. dr. ir. I. Lopez Arteaga, Eindhoven University of Technology

Thermostable Nanodisc platform for discovery and development of novel biopharmaceuticals
Prof. dr. M. Ubbink, Leiden University

Talent Scheme: Vici projects within AES

Climate proof plant reproduction R.G.H. Immink, Wageningen University & Research

Generating a roadmap for minimally invasive (robot-assisted) prostate cancer surgery
Dr. F.W.B. van Leeuwen, Leiden University Medical Center

Imaging atherosclerotic plaque lipidomics in vivo
Dr. G. van Soest, Erasmus MC

Spying on batteries at work to achieve superior performance
Dr. ir. M. Wagemaker, Delft University of Technology

An overview of all 2017 Vici grants can be founds here.

Source: NWO