Four new research projects into transformations of cities and urbanity in relation to the creative industry

From a digital tool for municipal council reports to research into citizen participation concerning the city of the future

23 January 2018

Under the influence of digitisation and economic and cultural transformations, major changes are taking place in the nature of the city and urbanity. Four research projects have received more than 1.5 million euros in funding for research into and critical reflection on urban development.

The projects have been awarded funding within the unique research programme Smart Culture – Creative Cities. The programme is a joint initiative of NWO Social Sciences and the Top Sector Creative Industry. The programme also ties in with VerDus (Connecting Sustainable Cities).

Research projects awarded funding

ACCESS: Access to City Councils using Exploratory Search Systems J. Kamps (UvA) and Dr. M.J. Marx (UvA)

Anything that happens in the city, if important, is discussed in the city council. This makes the minutes of the city council a central hub connecting the city’s past, present, and future. Our ACCESS tools allow citizens, researchers, and policymakers to effectively explore any complex topic of the city, and contribute to government accountability and civic participation.

Consortiumpartners: NotuBiz, Open State Foundation, Stamkracht BV, Spinque, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Stadsarchief Amsterdam, KNAW/Huygens and Gridline BV

Smarter city conversations
Dr. J.F.H. Kupper (VU) and Dr. ir. A.P.O.S. Vermeeren (TUD)

Cities and regions rapidly change due to digitalization. It is of great importance that everyone involved, especially citizens, participate in conversations about the city of the future. How to shape this conversation and make it work is investigated in this project through public activities in NEMO Science Museum.

Consortiumpartners: NEMO Science Museum and AMS Institute

BRIdging Data in the built Environment (BRIDE) P.P.C.C. Verbeek (UT), Prof. dr. G.W. Kortuem (TUD), Prof. dr. mr. ir. N. Doorn (TUD) and N. Meratnia (UT)

In the BRIDE-project, a team of philosophers, designers and computer scientists investigates how a
3D bridge can enhance citizens’ experience of "cityness". The bridge, which is equipped with sensors, can respond to citizens’ interaction with the bridge. This will allow for the creation of new forms of smart urban space.

Consortiumpartners: MX3D, Foundation for Responsible Robotics and Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

Designing for Controversies in Responsible Smart Cities M.C. van der Voort (UT), Dr. M.L. de Lange (UU) and P.P. C.C. Verbeek (UT)

As Amersfoort Municipality is building a new Internet of Things infrastructure, this consortium of
public-private partners wants to develop a government-citizen-academic-industry collaboration
platform that allows a wide range of stakeholders in a series of co-design sessions to discuss ethical,
juridical, and social controversies, and foster broader support.

Consortiumpartners: Gemeente Amersfoort, Marxman Advocaten, Aerovision, Kennislab voor Urbanisme and Design Innovation Groep

Making knowledge accessible

Smart Culture – Creative Cities is one of the research programmes of the Top Sector Creative Industry. With the research programmes a contribution is being made to the Top Sector's ambition to make The Netherlands the most creative economy in Europe. NWO is making a clear contribution to this ambition through the development of a strong knowledge base.



Source: NWO