Advance notice: new call for Sustainable Living Labs in Logistics

Phase 1: development grants for consortium formation

18 January 2018

At the end of January NWO will publish a call for the development of consortia with which living labs in logistics can be started. The call has been written by TKI Dinalog, NWO, Taskforce for Applied Research (NRPO SIA) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in collaboration with the Top Sectors Energy and Water & Maritime. This call is a first step in encouraging research in real-life environments. On the afternoon of Tuesday 6 March 2018, a matchmaking event will be held in Utrecht.

The aim of this call is to stimulate the formation of viable consortia that will test and implement new solutions in a controlled real-life environment. In this programme, the focus will be on themes in which societal and scientific challenges and practical relevance are brought together, such as sustainability, implementation of new technology and urban accessibility. Living labs must be well embedded in everyday practice and contribute to fundamental knowledge development, practice-oriented research, and to the development of new tools and applications. The deadline for submitting an application will probably be at the end of March 2018. In the second phase, applications can be submitted for setting up and realising research in the living labs. Details about this second phase will be published during the course of the year.

Real-life environments such as cities, harbours, warehouses, but also corridors that connect logistics nodes are particularly suitable as possible living labs. A major advantage of such a real-life environment is that the research concerns the real and current problems in everyday practice. The real-life environment must therefore be made suitable for research. This means that agreements often need to be made with all of the parties involved so that they can deal with research activities and be approached by researchers or students who pose questions or require information.

The structural facilities for collecting research information and data can also be a part of the real-life environment that is established. The agreements can also include issues such as confidentiality, protection of privacy and the publishability of results. To ensure that the living labs result in responsible innovations that are supported by society, research will also be done into the ethical and societal aspect of these technological innovations. NWO has developed the responsible innovation approach for this. This forms an integral part of the research into the Living Labs in this call.

More information

The call will be published at the end of January on the NWO website. NWO and TKI Dinalog, in collaboration with the partners, will organise a matchmaking meeting in Utrecht on Tuesday 6 March. More information will be published shortly on the NWO website. The deadline for submitting the application on behalf of the intended consortium will probably be at the end of March 2018.

Source: NWO