Launch call on assumptions underlying policy framework

20 June 2017

A call for proposals on scrutinising the Theory of Change of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' policy framework Dialogue and Dissent, and especially its underlying assumptions, is launched.

Picture: FlickrCC - Olga Diez

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Netherlands and the WOTRO Science for Global Development division of the Netherlands Organisation for Research (NWO) joined forces to fund research based on projects and programmes that are implemented in Low and Lower Middle Income Countries (LLMICs) by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). To encourage discourse on the interrelatedness of the three themes, all applicants of awarded projects will periodically meet to discuss progress and findings at workshops organised by the Knowledge Platform INCLUDE.

Aim of the call

The call aims to fund research projects that strengthen the evidence-base of the policy framework Dialogue and Dissent. It summons scientists to submit research proposals that scrutinize specific articulated assumptions of the Theory of Change (ToC) underlying the policy framework using primarily qualitative scientific methodologies.

Each research project should generate new, evidence-based knowledge on the assumptions of the ToC underlying the Dialogue and Dissent framework and make this knowledge accessible, available and applicable to policymakers and CSOs in the Netherlands and in LLMICs.

Within the context of the general research focus, research projects should focus on one of the following themes:

  • Political roles of CSOs in LLMICs;
  • The influence of the aid chain on political roles of CSOs;
  • Political space under pressure.

The call will be open for consortia consisting of a main applicant from a Dutch university and co-applicant from a research organisation based in one of the LLMICs where the empirical part will be executed.


Source: NWO