Second round SURF Pop Up 2017 open for applications

3 August 2017

Smart Urban Regions of the Future (SURF) Pop Up is open for applications for the second time this year. Funding is available for small projects about knowledge and innovation for cities and urban regions.

SURF Pop Up is part of the SURF programme, an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (IenM), the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK), NWO, Platform31 and NRPO SIA about smart urban regions. SURF has been initiated in the framework of the knowledge initiative Connecting Sustainable Cities (Verbinden van Duurzame Steden, VerDuS).

In SURF Pop Up, consortia of at least one knowledge institution and one public or private partner, can apply for funding for a small project that addresses the need for knowledge about new developments and ad hoc questions within the SURF themes. Applications in the themes ‘Housing and the built environment’ (Wonen en bebouwde omgeving) and ‘Economy’ are especially appreciated. An application can focus on innovative scientific research, but can also be about knowledge transfer, developing a tool, or valorisation of research in another way.

For this calendar year, two deadlines for applications have been announced; the deadline for the second round is 28 September 2017. The assessment procedure that follows is separate from the assessment procedure of the first round. NWO strives to inform applicants about the funding decision within 8 – 10 weeks after the deadline. The new SURF Pop Up projects from the first round this year, for which applications could be submitted until 1 June 2017, will be announced early September.

For more information about SURF Pop Up, please visit the financial page or contact the SURF secretary, Esther van der Wel, via or (+31) 70 – 344 05 68.

Source: NWO