Four new projects VerDuS SURF Pop Up

2 October 2017

As a result of the call VerDuS SURF Pop Up 2017, four new small SURF Pop Up projects will start. The new projects cover cooperative living, land policy, sustainable citizens’ initiatives, and a tool for multi-stakeholder business models.

Researchers were invited to apply for funding in the 1st round of the VerDuS SURF Pop Up 2017 call for proposals, specifically for small projects that fit within the thematics of the VerDuS SURF Programme. Central to SURF are five societal challenges concerning spatial planning, living, accessibility, economy, and governance and policy making.

In this round, four of the 14 applications could be granted. The granted projects are (in alphabetical order of last name of the main applicant):

Live together explore together; Taking cooperative living in the Netherlands further with European experiences
Prof. dr. ir. V.H. (Victor) Gruis (m), Delft University of Technology
This project is a cooperation of TU Delft, Rochdale, De Key, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and !Woon

Through action research European experiences with establishing and managing cooperative housing are brought to Dutch practice. The objective is to help Dutch professionals from housing corporations to efficiently support tenants and to help tenants to design the governance of the development process and managing organisation.

Development and evaluation of a tool for multi-stakeholder business models: the Collaborative Business Canvas
Dr. ir. R. (Robert) van den Hoed (m), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
This project is a cooperation of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Amsterdam Smart City

For Smart City projects to succeed, they require a viable business model that suits the needs for all involved stakeholders. For developing such a ‘multi-stakeholder business model’ there is no suitable tool available. Based on current SURF-projects (R-LINK and U-SMILE) such a tool will be developed in this Pop Up project.

Ground for living
Prof. dr. L.B. (Leonie) Janssen-Jansen (f), Wageningen University & Research
This project is a cooperation of Wageningen University & Research , Utrecht University, Bureau Rekenruimte, Municipality ’s Hertogenbosch, Municipality Zwolle and Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten

Over the next fifteen years, the Netherlands faces a large building program in and around its cities. Knowledge of the future application of active and facilitation land policy will give Dutch municipalities a new perspective on how to address this urgent decentralized issue of building enough adequate housing.

Sustainable citizens’ initiatives and democratic legitimacy: new relations between citizens and government. A regional study and research consortium.
Prof. dr. E.H. (Evelien) Tonkens (f), University of Humanistic Studies
This project is a cooperation of the University of Humanistic Studies, Movisie, Landelijk Samenwerkingsverband Actieve Bewoners, Municipality Landerd, Municipality Bernheze, Municipality Sint Michielsgestel en Municipality Boxtel

Within this project, four municipalities in Brabant, the cooperation for active residents in the Netherlands, Movisie and the University of Humanistic Studies will investigate how the various parties interact in the new municipal constellation in which citizens' initiatives have a larger role. We will especially focus on democratic legitimacy and sustainability policy.

These projects are granted in the first round of 2017. The deadline of the second and last round in 2017 was closed on 28 September 2017. In 2018, again several VerDuS SURF Pop Up rounds will be organised. For more information on SURF, please visit For questions, please contact the programme secretary via   


Source: NWO