Call 'Impulse for self-organising logistics' re-opened: proposals can be submitted until 14 November 2017

11 October 2017

How can a logistics system be prepared for the Physical Internet? This question takes centre stage in the call ‘Impulse for self-organising logistics’. The aim of this call is to finance a proof of concept project that tackles and answers this question. A practical experiment should play a role in how that proof of concept is developed. Consortia of researchers and private and/or public partners can apply for funding for a project for applied, independent research.

ETP Alice has formulated a long-term vision for the European research agenda titled Physical Internet. This vision assumes that all logistics will eventually (2050) be self-organising in the same manner as the Internet already works now: all senders and receivers will be connected in the same way and the routing and handling of loads will be standardised and optimised. To achieve this, an important step needs to be taken in linking intelligence to the cargo unit in which goods are transported. This cargo unit must be modular but also smart in the sense that the cargo unit can communicate with all relevant parties about the destination, transport conditions and deadlines. With the call ‘Impulse for self-organising logistics’, TKI wants to encourage research in this area and make it possible.


A total budget of 475.000 euros has been made available. This is also the maximum grant that can be applied for per project. The total duration of the project is at least two years and no more than three years. The completion date for a project is no later than 1 November 2021. Private and/or public bodies in the consortium must make a concrete joint contribution to the research. The minimum co-funding from the consortium is 50% of the total project budget. At least half of this must be contributed by private parties.

More information

The call and guidelines for the submission of project proposals can be found on the funding page.

Top sector Logistics

The call is being carried out on behalf of the Top Consortium Knowledge and Innovation Logistics (TKI Dinalog). The aim of TKI Dinalog is to structurally encourage and realise public-private partnership in the area of research in the Top Sector Logistics. This concerns innovation by means of fundamental and applied research and the sharing and impact of knowledge, experiences and results. Dinalog, NWO and TNO have jointly entered a partnership as the Top Consortium Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) to encourage innovation in the Top Sector Logistics.

Source: NWO