Impression Pitch and Date Event

28 May 2017

A group of researchers and other professionals interested in responsible innovation (MVI) gathered in 'de Zilveren Vosch' in Utrecht to familiarise with the open MVI call for proposals and to get in contact with each other. Young MVI researchers Johanna Höffken (Eindhoven University of Technology) and Wouter Boon (Utrecht University) hosted the event, together with Jasper Roodenburg (NWO).

Jasper Roodenburg welcomed all present on behalf of NWO. Johanna Höffken and Wouter Boon then gave a short introduction to the NWO-MVI programme and the currently open call for proposals.

Picture: Ymkje de Boer

After the introduction, the pitches by researchers took place. First Johanna and Wouter pitched their own research projects: Johanna works on ‘Developing and Implementing Smart Grids in India’ - Wouter is involved in ‘Medicine personalised at your bedside’. Then six pitchers presented their ideas for new research projects. Most of them were in the field of (sustainable) energy, but also some ideas in the field of life sciences and logistics were pitched. In the speeddate round that followed, participants could ‘visit’ each other at several tables, but also questions on the call were clarified.

In the second half of the morning, a delegation from the NWO programme Building Blocks of Life (BBoL) was present. To get acquainted with the NWO-MVI opportunities, a video with prof. Jeroen van den Hoven was shown. Then prof. Nynke Dekker, chair of the BBoL-Programme Council, introduced the programme BboL to stimulate MVI researchers to initiate a research project that will be carried out parallel to the BBoL projects that are already starting (an overview can be found on the NWO-website) Another three pitchers (one of them from BBoL) presented their ideas, all in the field of life sciences. Then a second round of speeddating took place.

Jasper Roodenburg closed the meeting and invited all participants to continue networking – also with the BboL-researchers – during lunch.

Source: NWO