NWO will simplify research funding instruments

6 November 2017

During the course of 2018, NWO will implement a simplified set of funding instruments in all its domains. From 1 August 2018 onwards, researchers will be able to submit proposals for the first calls published in accordance with this new model. With this measure, the NWO Executive Board intends to create a higher degree of clarity in the research funding and a better connection between the domains for multidisciplinary research proposals.

These intended changes emerge from the objectives for a modernised NWO in which it is easier to work across disciplinary boundaries. For the time being, the new funding instruments of NWO cover four categories: talent, open project funding, open programme funding, and strategic funding. Each category will contain a limited number of funding instruments (such as Veni, Vidi and Vici in the category talent) and will have a modular structure. NWO and ZonMw will further elaborate the details of the new system in the coming months.

For each funding instrument, the boards of the NWO domains AES, Science, SSH, and Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development, future domain of NWO, will decide which modules this will consist of and which portfolio of instruments they will make available for their domain,, with due consideration for the character and needs of the research field. The simplification within the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development concerns only the programmes financed by NWO and as such do not affect the mainly thematic programmes. Via the websites, NWO and ZonMw will announce  changes to the current instruments at least six months before these are effected.


For more information, please contact Annemarie Bos, a.bos@nwo.nl.

Source: NWO