Exhibition Life Time with winning projects BAD Awards 2017

24 November 2017

From 1 December 2017 untill 18 February 2018 Life Time presents the winning projects of 
the Bio Art and Design Award 2017 (BAD Award), developed in collaboration with leading Dutch researchers in the life sciences, alongside several recent works that share a focus on the theme of time.

Life Time exhibition in MU artspace

The arts have long embraced time through forms like video and performance or, in the case of much bio art and design, explored it through birth, growth, rot, decay, and the cycles of whole ecological systems. With many of the works in the exhibition, time and life are examined simultaneously, acknowledging our human limitation of a lifetime, taking stock of our collective impact, and also gazing in awe at the immensity of what has come before and what will, inevitably, follow us all.

Winners of 2017 BAD Award

The bio artists Xandra van der Eijk (‘Seasynthesis’), Cheng Guo (‘Anon. - An intervention in the Anthropocene’) and Jiwon Woo (‘Mother's Hand Taste – Son-mat’) were announced winners of the 2107 Bio Art & Design Award (BAD Award) on Friday 19 May. 

Art and science

The BAD Award is an annual international contest. The aim is to allow artists and designers who have graduated no more than five years ago to experiment with bio art and design and extend the boundaries of art and science. The 2017 BAD Award is an initiative of NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development, MU artspace and BioArt Laboratories. 


You can visit the exhibition Life Time at  MU Eindhoven

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