International conference on high number of research applications and peer review

27 June 2017

On 29 and 30 June 2017 NWO organises an international conference on the high number of research applications and the peer review process in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. How do different councils deal with the high volumes of applications? What measures did they take, were those measures successful or not? What alternatives are there to the peer review process? During the international conference, 70 participants from European, American and Japanese research councils, will share their experiences and good practices regarding these type of questions. With this conference, NWO wants to join forces internationally to find new and innovative solutions for research assessment procedures.

The global research assessment and peer review system is slowly stretching to its limits and researchers both in the Netherlands and abroad are affected by this development. One of the problems is an ever increasing number of applications, resulting in an increasing amount of necessary peer reviews.

The aim of this conference is to explore new ways of dealing with peer review and related issues such as the high volumes of applications, the workload of applicants, and the duration of the peer review. An additional goal is to establish a new international network of research council experts meeting on a regular basis to share expertise and experience on these issues.

Earlier this year NWO organised a national conference on the high number of research applications, together with researchers from Dutch universities. The outcomes of both conferences will help NWO to improve its procedures.

Source: NWO


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