Pitch & Date for call on responsible Innovation

10 May 2017

Consortia of researchers and private parties can apply for funding for proactive research into ethical and social aspects of innovation via the NWO funding instrument Responsible Innovation (NWO-MVI). The call for proposals focuses on the themes of Building Materials of Life (BBoL), Creative Industry, Energy, and Logistics. Researchers who want more information on the call or to get in touch with possible research partners can join the Pitch & Date Event on 23 May in Utrecht.

In many innovation processes ethical and social aspects play an important role. Responsible innovation takes into account these aspects from the start to allow innovations to meet long-term social needs and values. Ethical and social requirements for new services and products can also act as an enhancer of innovation. MVI research deals with these aspects and generally takes place in close interaction with stakeholders.

Call for proposals

The MVI-call for proposals is open until 7 September 2017, 14.00 hrs, targeting on consortia of researchers and companies. The main applicant is an experienced researcher with a PhD degree and an affiliation at a Dutch university or a research institute recognised by NWO. In addition, a consortium always has at least one private party that provides a matching contribution to the project. Part of the required matching may also come from (semi) public parties. Applications can be submitted for large projects (250.000 euro) and for small projects (125.000 euro).

Pitch & Date

Researchers who want more information on the call or to get in touch with possible research partners are welcome to the Pitch & Date Event on 23 May. Are you considering to write a MVI proposal within the theme Building Blocks of Life and to connect to a recently started project within the NWO Building Blocks of Life programme? Then come to Utrecht too. Researchers from BBoL projects who want to connect to MVI researchers are also welcome to attend. Interested parties who want to stay informed can also sign in to the LinkedIn group MVImatch.

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Source: NWO