Network meeting Planetary and ExoPlanetary Science

30 March 2017

The annual network meeting of the Planetary and Exoplanetary Science Programme (PEPSci) will be on 15 May in Utrecht. The aim of the meeting is to come together and update each other as well as to look forward and discuss future possibilities in the field of (exo) planetary science.

Registration is open until 30 April via

The Planetary and Exoplanetary Programme addresses questions on the origin, structure and evolution of rocky planets and tries to identify the best approaches to detect biosignatures and organics in planetary systems. Each year the PEPSci network organises a meeting to update each other on results and recent developments as well as to discuss future possibilities and challenges in the field.

Researchers with an interest on these topics (not only from the PEPSci community, but also with a connection to, for example, the recently established Origins Center or the Dutch Astrochemistry Network) are invited to participate and can register before 30 April via



Source: NWO