Big Data research to focus on change and evolution

18 September 2017

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) will be funding five projects over the course of the next several years that will focus on the development of advanced technologies in Big Data research as part of the COMMIT2DATA – Horizontal 2016 Data Science programme. The NWO contribution amounts to 3 million euros, supplemented by 1.7 million euros from other project partners.

The projects will make use of a variety of data, including data with geometric components, data from social networks and data obtained from water supply systems. Data flows are growing unabated and the potential for exchanging this data is changing rapidly. These factors are placing new demands on data-processing technology that will require innovative solutions.

The aim of the five projects will therefore be on developing techniques for automatically integrating various types of data, converting quantitative data into a qualitative judgement or decision, and using data for the automated recognition of various behaviours. The projects will focus specifically on change and evolution. The project results will not only provide a wealth of new possibilities for traditional areas of utilization, but also concrete applications for traffic management, planning, traffic analysis, water management and healthcare services.


(In alphabetical order by project)

Dynamic Data Analytics through automatically Constructed Machine Learning Pipelines (DACCOMPLI)
Prof. Dr. T.H.W. Bäck (University of Leiden), Dr. dipl.-ing. M. Olhofer (Honda Research Institute Europe), Dr. ir. J.C. Van Gemert (Technical University of Delft), Dr. ir. J Vanschoren (Technical University of Eindhoven), Prof. dr. J.N. Kok, Prof. dr. W. Kraaij and Prof. dr. H.H. Hoos (University of Leiden) ) in collaboration with Prof. dr. Bernhard Sendoff and Dr. Markus Olhofer (Honda Research Institute), dr. Ana Amaldonado and  Rokes Jankie (Qualogy), Prof J.J. van Hilten and Dr J. Marinus (LUMC)

ECiDA: Evolutionary changes in Distributed Analysis
Prof. dr. A Lazovik (University of Groningen), Prof. dr. F Arbab (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) in collaboration with Jan Gooijer (Vitens), Jeroen Vlek (Anchormen), Evert van Akker (TNO)

Geometric Algorithms for the Analysis and Visualization of Heterogeneous Spatio-temporal Data
Prof. dr. B. Speckmann (Technical University of Eindhoven), Dr. M. Löffler and Prof. dr. M.J. van Kreveld (University of Utrecht), Dr. W. Meulemans and Dr. K.A.B. Verbeek (Technical University of Eindhoven) in collaboration with dr. Matei Stroila, dr. Craig Barnes, Neal Oman, dr. Henry Dorum and dr. Arash Ostadzadeh (HERE Global), Martin Kodde and Benny Onrust (Fugro GeoServices), dr. Frits Brouwer, Olaf Vroom and Marthe Uenk-Telgen (Nationale Databank Wegverkeersgegevens)

Structure-aware Querying & Information Retrieval on Evolving Large Graphs (SQIREL-GRAPHS)
Prof. P.A. Boncz (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) and Prof. A.P. de Vries (Radboud University) in collaboration with Reynold Xin (Databricks), Frank Smit (OBI4WAN), Thijs Westerveld (Wizenoze), Roberto Cornacchia (Spinque) and Alastair Green (Neo Technology, Sweden)

Techniques for the Analysis of Client-Team InteraCtionS (TACTICS)
Prof. dr. ir. H.A. Reijers (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Prof. dr. ir. J.J. van Wijk, Prof. dr. ir. W.M.P. van der Aalst and Dr. ir. J.C.A.M. Buijs (Technical University of Eindhoven) Dr. H. Leopold (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) in collaboration with Loet Smeets and Joan Vermeulen (Lunet Zorg)

Also see: detailed description of the projects (in Dutch)

COMMIT2DATA – Horizontal 2016 Data Science programme

A concerted effort is needed to shift the boundaries of today’s data science and Big Data solutions, and to promote the algorithmic concept of data semantics, computational complexity, data protection and human information overload. To achieve this, the focus must be on data science and on handling evolving content, processes, behaviour and societies.

The projects are aimed at dealing with changing data and using that data in the COMMIT2DATA horizontal themes of data handling and data analytics, based on more generic opportunities in data science and stewardship.


COMMIT2DATA, one of the programmes in the ICT Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (ICT Roadmap), focuses on enhancing knowledge, valorization and dissemination of data science, stewardship and technology for the top economic sectors. The goal behind COMMIT2DATA is to finance major cohesive projects through various sub-programmes to avoid fragmentation and to encourage cooperation.

The COMMIT2DATA – Horizontal 2016 Data Science research programme is one of the calls from the COMMIT2DATA multiannual research and innovation programme.  

For more information, please contact: Ms Rosemarie van der Veen, tel. +31 (0)70 344 05 87, email



Source: NWO