Two KIEM grants for consortia of academic researchers and SME

30 October 2017

Prof. Roland Brock (Radboud University Medical Center) and Dr Cristianne Rijcken (Cristal Therapeutics) will jointly investigate the use of nanoparticles to improve cancer treatments. Prof. Joost Reek (University of Amsterdam) will cooperate with Max Beaumont (Skytree) on an innovative method for converting CO2 into fuel with the aid of a catalyst. KIEM projects entail cooperation between researchers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) for a number of months, the knowledge acquired being shared.

Nanoparticles for controlled drug release in tumours
Prof. R. Brock (Radboud UMC) and Dr C. Rijcken (Cristal Therapeutics)
Tiny pieces of DNA material, known as antisense oligonucleotides, are showing promising results, with few side effects, in targeted treatments of varying disease processes, including new cancer therapies. The biggest challenge, however, is to get this DNA material into the cell so that it can carry out its work. Cristal Therapeutics and Radboud UMC aim to improve the therapeutic efficacy of this method by combining forces in the field of the controlled release of therapeutic oligonucleotides in cancer cells using nanoparticles.

Direct conversion of carbon dioxide extracted from the air into fuel
Prof. J.N.H. Reek (UvA) and M. Beaumont, MPhys (Skytree)
The greenhouse gas carbon dioxide can be absorbed from the air on a sorbent specially developed for this purpose by Skytree. Normally, the absorbed carbon dioxide is separated from the sorbent by heating so that it can be used in other processes. This requires energy and damages the sorbent. To obviate these negative effects, this study at the University of Amsterdam will focus on developing a catalyst that can convert the carbon dioxide absorbed by the sorbent directly into fuel, in the form of methanol.

About KIEM
KIEM stands for ‘Knowledge – Innovation Mapping’ and is one of the four forms of public-private cooperation promoted by NWO's Chemistry Innovation Fund.

Source: NWO