Team CRISPR Clear wins Top Sector Chemistry’s 2017 Student Competition

7 December 2017

The Top Sector Chemistry’s 2017 Student Competition has been won by the CRISPR Clear team of Wageningen University & Research. The winner, CRISPR Clear, received the award during the CHAINS chemistry conference, at Veldhoven. The members of the CRISPR Clear team, students Carina Nieuwenweg, Martijn van Galen and Angelina Horsting, each received a cheque for 1000 euros. The Top Sector Chemistry Student Competition was funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Top Sector Chemistry. DSM was the sponsor who provided this year’s prize money.

Photo: Thijs ter Hart

Detection of biological weapons

The CRISPR Clear team has developed an inexpensive, portable detection device – CRISPR Clear – that can detect any potential bioweapons within an hour. Besides detecting bioweapons, this device can also be used to detect various diseases. CRISPR Clear can be used for detection work outside the lab.

Marcus Remmers, DSM’s Chief Technology Officer, presented the prize. He explained the reasoning behind the jury’s decision as follows: “CRISPR Clear has found a creative way to apply chemistry to a socially relevant challenge. This team chose a multifaceted topic and showed a great deal of initiative during their research internship. The jury was particularly impressed by this device’s wide range of potential applications.

All of the entries went through a selection procedure, and four teams were nominated in May. Last summer, during a research internship, they worked very hard to find a creative solution to a social or industrial challenge. They presented their results to the jury in October.

The winner was announced on Wednesday, 6 December 2017, during the CHAINS chemistry conference.

In the framework of the Top Sector Chemistry, Dutch companies, researchers and public sector organizations cooperate on green and sustainable solutions to major societal challenges. One major focus for this Top Sector is promoting the development of talented students capable of accelerating the rate of innovation in the field of Chemistry.

Click here for a video of the winning team.

Further details about the four finalists of the Top Sector Chemistry’s 2017 Student Competition can be found at


Source: NWO