New NWO reflected in the NWO Domain Science advisory structure

18 December 2017

The NWO Domain Science has appointed seven disciplinary advisory committees to facilitate an effective collaboration between the board, the office and 'the field'. The disciplinary advisory committees have been given the name 'round tables' and are made up of researchers. With the establishment of the round tables the research field has been organised in such a way that it can advise the board within the new NWO.

The NWO Domain Science office will be responsible for supporting the round tables and facilitating the interaction between them, as well as the connection with the other NWO domains, if and when so needed.

Niek Lopes Cardozo, acting chair of the board, reacts with pleasure: "The round tables will form the basis for interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation, an important characteristic of the new NWO. We are pleased about this 'self organisation' of the field. The round tables will also form the link between the board and the existing advisory committees and study groups. The members of these are currently discussing how they can integrate the existing experiences in the organisation of these bodies in such a way that an optimum connection with the field and the round tables is ensured. That will be a dynamic process over the coming period."

Formation of round tables

The chairs of the round tables have been appointed by the board of the NWO Domain Science and they have jointly invited researchers from the disciplines to become members of the round tables. Efforts have been made to ensure that the round tables are a fair representation of the field and the diversity of researchers. There are still a few vacancies for specific areas of expertise. Researchers who are interested in participating in a round table can contact the chairs or one of the other colleagues of the round table.

The round table membership, insofar as this is currently known, can be consulted and this list will be updated on a regular basis.

The new advisory structure

Since the start of this year, NWO has had a new organisation structure with domains and an institutes organisation. The NWO Domain Science has been operational since 1 January 2017. The board is relatively small - six people including the chair - and the domain is large and diverse. In order to fulfil its role as a research funder, coordinator and facilitator of research within the NWO Domain Science, the board would like to be supported by disciplinary advisory committees, so-called round tables, for the seven disciplines of the NWO Domain Science. These round tables will advise on issues such as strategy, research programmes and the strengthening of the research field. They will also pass on signals from the research field to the domain. In the download you can read more about the roles and tasks of the round tables (Dutch only).

The work conference

During a work conference held on 23 October with the chairs and a number of intended round table members, the domain considered the role and tasks of the round tables. The chairs briefly pitched how the researchers in the field are currently organised and what they expected from the day. Recurring themes were the breadth of the field, the need for collaboration within and across the domains, and the question as to what the anticipated role of the various existing advisory committees is. The outcomes of the day have been included in the discussion about the role and tasks and will serve as input for the further development of the round tables over the coming year.

Source: NWO