Moniek Tromp wins NWO Athena Prize 2017

28 November 2017

Chemist Moniek Tromp will receive the Athena Prize 2017 from NWO on 6 December 2017 during the chemistry congress CHAINS. The prize rewards excellent female chemists who act as a role model for other researchers. Dr Tromp receives the Athena Prize for her originality and creativity in her line of research as well as for her prolonged and bold efforts for gender equality in both the academic world and primary schools.

Photo: TU M√ľnchen

Moniek Tromp is associate professor of sustainable materials characterisation at the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (University of Amsterdam). Her research focuses on the development and application of operando spectroscopy: characterisation of chemical reactions in materials such as batteries and catalysts. The jury calls Tromp a pioneer in this field. Her activities outside of science are also highly praised by the jury; for example, Tromp was Gender Equality Officer at the Technical University of Munich and she is currently working with primary schools and VHTO (National Expert Organisation on Girls/Women and Science/Technology) on lines of education about gender bias and about science and technology.

The Athena Prize: female chemists in the spotlight

With the annual Athena Prize, NWO draws attention to excellent female chemists who carry out eminent scientific research. Beside scientific excellence, their contributions to education, governance, awareness and/or other publicly relevant activities are an important criterion for being awarded the prize. Research has revealed that female models help other women to continue pursuing a scientific career. The Athena Prize spotlights these role models and is therefore an incentive prize. The Athena Prize consists of a sum of 25,000 euros, a statuette and a personal media package.

Watch a video of winner Moniek Tromp.

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Source: NWO