Eight NWO poster prizes awarded at CHAINS

8 December 2017

During CHAINS 2017, about 560 young chemists presented their research results in the form of scientific posters.

Photo: Thijs ter Hart

Six candidates have been rewarded for their best poster. Three in the Chemistry of Life theme and three in the Chemistry of Materials and Chemical Conversion theme. The poster price is a cheque for 250 euros.

The jury assessed each entry in terms of its

  • Lay-out & design;
  • Quality of scientific content;
  • Clarity with which the research and the results are presented;
  • Verbal explanation of the poster.

The winners of the jury prizes:

  • Alex Mason – Eindhoven University of Technology (Chemistry of Life)
  • Iris Hagemans – Radboud UMC (Chemistry of Life)
  • Niels Reintjens – Leiden University  (Chemistry of Life)
  • Ruben Verweij – Leiden University (Chemistry of Materials)
  • Arno van Hoof - Eindhoven University of Technology (Chemical Conversion)
  • Pepijn Moerman – Utrecht University (Chemistry of Materials)

Two public prizes were also awarded. During CHAINS, everyone attending the conference had the opportunity to vote for their favourite poster, via the CHAINS app.

The winners of the public prizes:

  • Alisa Garaeva – University of Groningen (Chemistry of Life)
  • Lin Jiang – Leiden University (Chemistry of Materials)

Source: NWO