Call MIT scheme for small business entrepreneurs

20 April 2017

Since 11 April 2017, innovative small business entrepreneurs can once again apply for a grant from the Top Sectors Innovation Incentive Scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises (MIT). According to an evaluation report, the MIT clearly meets the need of SMEs to be able to innovate.

Budget: more than € 55 million

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the provinces involved will therefore make € 55.75 million available from 11 April 2017 onwards. The scheme is split into several regional programmes as well as a national safety net and each of these parts has its own budget. The MIT has various national and regional instruments, such as innovation advice projects, feasibility projects, R&D collaborative projects, knowledge vouchers, TKI Innovation brokers and TKI Network activities.

Digital contact guide

Do you want to benefit from the MIT scheme? Then start in good time with the preparation of your application and pay good attention to the regional differences. Via the Digital contact guide MIT 2017 you can find out which region you must submit the application to.

When can you apply?

The MIT scheme will open for applications on 11 April 2017 for the instruments innovation advice projects, feasibility projects, knowledge vouchers, TKI Innovation brokers and TKI Network activities. Applications will be dealt with in the order that they are received. However, this first come first served principle does not apply to the R&D collaborative projects: this is a tender. Applications for this can be submitted from 3 July 2017 onwards. The closing date for TKI Innovation brokers and TKI Network activities is 30 June 2017 and the closing date for the other instruments is 7 September 2017.

More information

Please consult the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for more information, tips for a successful application and inspiration. You can also read more about the evaluation of the scheme on [Only the summary is in English]. Do you have any questions, are you looking for collaborative partners or do you want to discuss your innovation question or project? Then please contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Source: NWO


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