Deadlines call Integrator extended to a later moment

21 December 2017

Because the original deadlines of the call Integrator appeared to be not feasible for many researchers and their partners, NWO has decided to extend the latest deadline for submission so there will be more time to organise a consortium and prepare an application. The new deadlines will be in May 2018 for the letters of intent and August 2018 for applications.

After reactions of researchers and their intented consortium partners NWO has, after deliberation with TKI Dinalog, decided to give potential applicants more time to organise their consortium and prepare their application. The original deadline of 16 January for letters of intent will be extended to  May 2018. The deadline for applications was 8 March 2018 but will be extended to Augustus 2018. At the beginning of January NWO will publish the adjusted call and the complementary information on the website. The call itself – the goal, requirements and procedure for assessment – will remain unchanged.

Source: NWO