Four million available in the NWO Chemistry Innovation Fund

27 February 2017

Consortia of knowledge institutes and businesses are invited to submit applications for Launchpad for Innovative Future Technology (LIFT), Technology Area (TA) and Chemical Industrial Partnership Programme (CHIPP) to the Chemistry Innovation Fund before 27 June 2017. Knowledge Innovation Mapping (KIEM) applications may be submitted until 31 October 2017, as long as there is budget available.

The Chemistry Innovation Fund is always open to new public-private collaborative initiatives which are in keeping with the Top Sector Chemistry roadmaps. There are four instruments available: KIEM, LIFT, TA and CHIPP, each with its own public-private financing ratio, minimum and maximum scope and conditions. Applications which have a Top Sector Chemistry statement of suitability and meet the quality requirements can be approved until the available budget is exhausted.

Further details:

Source: NWO