Call TOP/ECHO subsidies will be extended

24 April 2017

Good news for researchers who still aim to submit a TOP or ECHO grant. The round currently open for continuous submission until 31 May 2017, will stay opened for a longer period. It is anticipated that the round will be closed in the fourth quarter of 2017. When the funds available have been exhausted before that period, this application round will be closed sooner.

In this way, NWO wants to provide the chemistry community the opportunity to submit as long as possible research proposals for non-subject specific, curiosity-driven molecular research, until the new subsidy instrument for the Free Competition of the Science domain has been worked out.

In May, more information will follow, as well as the required update of the website.


The decision making process of the first batch of submitted proposals in the TOP/ECHO round 2017 will be completed in June. Early May, applications submitted to date, but not yet processed, will be assigned to a new -second- batch of applications that enters the evaluation process. For both batches it is aimed to grant ca. 20% of the submitted applications. Following these envisaged grant decisions, approximately M€ 4 of the budget is still available for additional granting of applications that can be continuously submitted.

Source: NWO