2017 Free Competition for Chemical Sciences – continuous call

30 January 2017

The Free Competition for chemical/molecular and/or chemical-technological research is open for submissions. Applications for both ECHO grants and TOP grants can be submitted at any time in the 2017 TOP/ECHO round at NWO, but no later than 31 May 2017 – provided that there is still enough budget.

Submit your proposal!
Thus there is no deadline for submitting a proposal to the Free Competition for Chemical Sciences. Researchers can submit a TOP or ECHO proposal individually or with others, at any time, provided that they have not submitted any other TOP, ECHO, Vidi or Vici proposals on which a decision is still pending. For details of the other conditions pertaining to the submission of proposals, see the website links at the bottom of this item.

2017 TOP/ECHO call
The total available budget for the 2017 TOP/ECHO call amounts to approximately 7.1 million euros. By the reference date of 23 January 2017, 17 ECHO applications and 4 TOP applications had been submitted. The initial assessment round will commence at the end of January.

The TOP/ECHO round has a target approval rate of about 20%. If the available funds are exhausted before 31 May 2017, the Free Competition will be closed before the appointed time. The TOP/ECHO website displays the proportion of the budget that is still available, in the form of a thermometer. This is updated after each assessment round.

TOP grants, which amount to 780,000 euros, are intended to enhance or expand innovative research lines being carried out by top research groups. ECHO grants of 260,000 euros offer researchers the opportunity to develop creative, risky ideas that could form the seed for future research themes.

Further details
Further details:

All current information about the call is available at: www.nwo.nl/cw/echo and www.nwo.nl/cw/top.

Source: NWO