Call Integrator - Logistics as a facilitator for strengthening society

Please note: the submission deadlines for the letters of intent and applications of the Integrator program will be extended to May and Augustus 2018

5 December 2017

Logistics plays a crucial role in the development of solutions for important societal challenges such as food supply, changes in the healthcare sector and the maintenance of complex installations. Knowledge is necessary to make optimal use of logistics and to integrate it in societal and economic developments. TKI Dinalog has therefore developed the call “Integrator - Logistics as a facilitator for strengthening society” in collaboration with NWO. The deadline for the compulsory statement of intent is Tuesday 16 January 2018, and the deadline for applications is Thursday 8 March 2018.

Please note: the submission deadlines for the letters of intent and applications of the Integrator program will be extended to May and Augustus 2018. The adjusted documents will be published on the webpage of the program in January 2018. Read more

TKI Dinalog has developed the call Integrator in collaboration with NWO, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has made available a maximum budget of three million euros. The aim of the call is to fund research which focuses on subjects that overarch the Top Sectors. The projects contribute to the ambitions of the Top Sector Logistics and to the themes accessibility, liveability and competitive strength in particular. The research must also make a contribution to the ambitions of at least one other Top Sector. The deadline for submitting applications is Thursday 8 March 2018.

Top Sector overarching character

The Netherlands faces various major societal challenges. In many cases, logistics facilitates other sectors. TKI Dinalog therefore wants to create knowledge that focuses on the societal context of the different Top Sectors. The knowledge acquired could contribute to strengthening and broadening home care services with smart logistics solutions, supporting the export position of Dutch agriculture and horticulture with innovative phytosanitary supervision, and developing new transport technology that fits in logistics chains, for example. An additional requirement is that the research funded must contribute to solving societal challenges as stated in the Dutch National Research Agenda.

Applications on behalf of consortia

An important boundary condition for the research projects is an active participation of industry in both the funding and content of the project. By jointly creating the knowledge, consortia of researchers and public and private partners will contribute to the vitality, innovative strength and sustainability of the Dutch logistics industry and other industrial sectors. In addition, projects will contribute to the training of young researchers and people in the field as well as linking research to policy and policymakers. This way, the projects will realise a broad strengthening of the knowledge infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Who can apply and what can be applied for?

A researcher can submit an application on behalf of a consortium of researchers and public and private partners. A maximum of 500,000 euros can be applied for per project, and the partners must provide 50% in co-funding. This means that at most 50% of the project budget will be made available by TKI Dinalog (via NWO) and at least 50% by the consortium partners. The co-funding may be completely in-kind; a cash contribution from the consortium partners is not compulsory. A project can only be submitted for the Integrator call if NWO has received a statement of intent from the intended consortium before the deadline of Tuesday 16 January 2018 at 14:00 CET.

Further information

Further information about the call and the conditions for submitting applications can be found on the grant page of Integrator.

This call has emerged from the Multi-Annual Programme 2016-2020 and Annual Plan 2016 as approved by the Top Sector Logistics in consultation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. This call is a response to the research requirements in a number of overarching themes with other Top Sectors.

The objective of TKI Dinalog is to structurally facilitate public-private partnerships in the area of research within the Top Sector Logistics. This concerns both innovation by means of fundamental and applied research as equally the valorisation and dissemination of knowledge, experiences and results. Dinalog, NWO and TNO have jointly entered a partnership as the Top Consortium Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) to boost innovation in the Top Sector Logistics.

Source: NWO