Extremely accurate water splitter ready for the market

4 December 2017

A device with which researchers can measure mixtures of harmful substances in water a lot quicker enters the commercial market. The device, called FractioMate, was developed in an AES project. AES, VU Amsterdam and Spark Holland have signed an agreement for the first deliveries of the device.

The VU Amsterdam, Spark Holland and AES sign the agreement

The FractioMate is an instrument that can accurately divide, or fractionate, thousands of different substances into a water sample. This is done on the basis of their chemical properties: groups of substances then end up in their own division. If you measure these divisions separately with the help of toxicological tests and chemical techniques, you can more accurately examine which (polluting) substances are in the water compared to when you analyze the water sample as a whole. The FractioMate has been developed in an AES-project by VU researchers Jeroen Kool (BioAnalytical Chemistry) and Marja Lamoree (Environment & Health).

Read more about the FratioMate and the agreement at Innovation Exchange Amsterdam.

Source: NWO


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