A new European-African research and innovation partnership

Food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture

1 November 2016

NWO-WOTRO Science for global development is one of the partners in a new African – European initiative: LEAP-Agri. This partnership between 23 countries is aimed at research and innovation for food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture. The specific themes of a call for proposals, that will be launched end 2016, will be announced in December.

The partners come together in an ERA-NET under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020. The initiative is financed by institutes and ministries from the partner countries, with additional finances from the European Commission in support of the ‘EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue on science, technology and innovation’ and the implementation of the EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership.

A call for proposals for research teams is expected to be launched in December 2016. Consortia of at least four partners from four different participating countries can apply for the funding of joint proposals for research and innovation. The inclusion of private partners in the projects is encouraged. 1,5 million euros is made available for Dutch researchers by NWO and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs for six projects with a Dutch partner, with a possible top-up by the European Commission for an additional project.

More information on the call for proposals will become available on the NWO website in December. Questions can be addressed to Cora Govers or Monika Brasser via LEAP-AGRI@nwo.nl.

Source: NWO