Projects trained on Outcome Mapping

15 June 2016

On 8 June, an Outcome Mapping training was organised for the Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP) consortia at Wageningen University. These consortia are funded by the F&B Knowledge Platform.

Jan van Ongevalle trained a total of 25 participants from GCP1 and GCP2. GCP1 consortia are approaching their midterm reviews and the training was aimed to advise on how to formulate, track and document project outcomes.

The participants learned about Outcome Mapping being an actor-oriented approach, that focuses on change in behavior of partners and stakeholders. As all desired outcomes relate to change in behaviour of actors involved, and projects can plan for their contributions to this change. Attention was paid to the limitations to influence and the according need to identify partners that are crucial for achieving the desired change (Boundary Partners) to focus efforts. Monitoring change can be done through the formulation of Progress markers – a type of indicators that differentiates between what consortia expect to see happening, would like to see happening and would love to see happening. Monitoring tools, such as Outcome Journals, were also discussed. The presentation is available.


Source: NWO