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28 January 2016

From 25-27 January 2016, the Urbanising Deltas of the World (UDW) research programme organised an international conference on research uptake with over 50 participants in Ho Chi Min City. The objective of the meeting was to strengthen the linkages of the UDW researchers and research with a wider community of practice in the professional field of urbanizing deltas, as this will increase academic quality, societal impact and sustainability of the UDW research.

Key elements in the three day programme where exchange and networking, skill development for research uptake, and active creation of linkages. All presentations can be found at the bottom of this page as well as posters of the UDW-1 projects. You can also read the report on the conference.

Wrap-up video by Kim de Vries

Prof Isa Baud, Chair of the Steering Committee of NWO-UDW introduced the meeting and introduced aspects of inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary research after which representatives of all seven projects introduced their projects and project teams.

Farah Ahmed presented tools for research uptake and highlighted the research uptake strategy of IWMI, while Michele Leone explained how IDRC addresses this issue. Martijn van de Groep briefed the audience on the complex process and impressive achievements of Vietnam in the Mekong Delta Plan, while Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga briefed on the Bangladesh Delta Plan. Dr William Putuhena introduced the plans for dealing with sea level rise in Jakarta, Indonesia, while Janio Langa indicated from a management perspective how important it is to indicate the added value of research. As a result, participants got a better insight of the wider context in which their research takes place. This assisted in further defining research uptake activities. The new contacts with both the other UDW as well as DA experts enhanced the networking related to research and research uptake activities as you can read in the conference report.

Project pitches on YouTube

Participants prepared short descriptions of their research, which were also recorded on camera. Training on stakeholder mapping and infographics were also part of the programme. A result of this was demonstrated on the third day, when the researchers introduced the research per UDW in a short and concise manner. UDW plans to prepared short films per UDW research project based on the material collected.

Plans for research uptake were discussed and actions formulated, based on a mapping prepared by the Delta Alliance with input of the UDW researchers. Among others a briefing was organised with World Bank representatives where UDW researchers presented their research. In the coming weeks and months the formulation of research uptake strategies will be actively followed up and implemented.

Conference Report

The Urbanising Deltas of the World research programme

Urbanising Deltas of the World (UDW) is a research and innovation programme that aims to contribute to global water safety, water and food security and pro-poor sustainable economic and urban development in river delta’s worldwide, by providing effective and efficient responses to increasing pressure and rapid changes related to climate change, population growth and increasing economic activities. The programme funds integrated inter- and transdisciplinary research projects.

The programme started in 2012 as a cooperation between several divisions of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Directorate General of International Development (DGIS) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is governed by a Steering Committee (SC) composed of representatives of the funding agencies, and managed by a small secretariat based at the NWO division WOTRO Science for Global Development.

Presentations Day 1

Presentations Day 2

Presentations Day 3

Posters UDW-1 projects

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