International research councils and universities want to tackle Open Access together

23 March 2016

On 21 and 22 March the international workshop ‘Removing Barriers: A Global Implementation Plan to Open Access Scholarly Publishing’ was held at NWO. In The Hague more than 50 chair and experts from research councils, universities and publishers discussed the transition towards Open Access: the free access to scientific publications.

Participants of the Open Access workshop

The workshop was opened by the Dutch State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, Sander Dekker. “Open access means that many, many more people can learn and benefit from the work our scientist work so hard on. So let’s make it happen,” said the state secretary in his speech.

The research councils present expressed their support for the principle of Open Access. Jos Engelen, chair of NWO and the initiator of the meeting looks back with satisfaction. “It was clear that research councils in particular have to initiate the change of culture needed for Open Access,” says Engelen. “They have to, and want to, collaborate with the universities to achieve this. Research councils and universities will collaborate on realising an international platform so that they can remain in dialogue with each other and produce a concrete timetable for reforms.”

It was the first time that so many international policy makers at a chairmanship level came together in The Hague to talk about the transition to Open Access. “International collaboration is about exchanging ideas and developing an understanding of each other's viewpoints. The open discussion was therefore highly appreciated,” says Engelen.

Source: NWO