17 young researchers go abroad with Rubicon

12 April 2016

NWO has awarded Rubicon grants to 17 young, highly promising researchers. The Rubicon programme is aimed at giving young, highly promising researchers the opportunity to gain international research experience. This is an important step in a scientific career.

17 young researchers go abroad with Rubicon

Some of the topics the researchers will be investigating are body image in women, DNA change in brain tumours, and how people imitate each other. The laureates from this funding round are mainly going to research institutes in the United States and the United Kingdom. The awards are for the third and last funding round from 2015.

The list of awards provides a brief description of each proposal awarded funding as well as several facts and figures for this funding round.


With a Rubicon grant researchers can conduct research for a period up to 24 months at a foreign research institute. The size of the grant depends on the destination chosen and the length of stay. NWO is able to fund around 60 young researchers through Rubicon every year (for a total sum of 7 million euros, spread over three rounds). The Rubicon programme is named after the river Julius Caesar crossed after his series of victories, which ultimately led to his declaration ‘veni, vidi, vici’. NWO chose the name Rubicon in 2005 for its individual grant programme aimed at retaining talented researchers, who have recently gained their PhD, in science.

Source: NWO