Ideas project granted with regard to Security & Rule of Law

8 July 2015

NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development granted the first project for the ‘call for evidence-informed ideas’ within the Applied Research Fund of the research programme Security & Rule of Law in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings. The awarded project of Mr David Alpher from Saferworld focuses on improving the programming of international actors on Security Sector Reform processes through the engagement of civil society. The awarded grant is 25,000 euros and this project will run for three months.

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There is an urgent need for new ideas and approaches to address the challenge of achieving democratic Security Sector Reform (further: SSR) while also countering the growing conflicts created by violent extremism. As such, international actors must support alternatives to repressive and securitised responses to terrorism, and supporting civil society capacities to engage in SSR processes. However there is a gap in research and programming practice around the role that civil society can play in SSR processes in the MENA region.

This project ‘Civil society involvement in Tunisia’s security sector reform process’ aims to improve programming by international actors supporting SSR processes and to add to global knowledge on the engagement of civil society organisations in SSR. It will do so through participatory research on this engagement in Tunisia's SSR process, including a programming outline and a case study on civil society involvement to date. The project will produce recommendations for programming and policy.

Call for evidence informed ideas

The aim of the call is to better attune the international response to new and upcoming threats and challenges to peace, security and development in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings (FCAS). Such threats and challenges include for example: the changing nature of violent conflict; the impact of transnational organized crime as a driver of conflict; and extreme fragmentation amongst armed groups and illicit networks, combining crime, politics and business.

Each project within this call should provide evidence-informed, new ideas for international responses in face of new threats and challenges to peace, security and development, and unlock the generated ideas for practitioners. By doing this, they should be easily applied for agenda setting or for (re-)designing relevant (conflict-sensitive) and effective reform programmes in FCAS and/or for developing further research programmes. The ideas can relate to research, projects, programmes, approaches, policies and/or tools.

Submit a proposal?

In total a budget of 500,000 euros is available: new applications can be submitted for the assessment rounds of 17 July 2015 and 6 November 2015. These are also the deadlines for the 'Open call for evidence-based policy advice and tools’ within the Applied Research Fund. Deadline for a preliminary proposal for the Stategic Research Fund is 18 August 2015

Source: NWO