Permanent Committee begins inventory of large-scale research facilities

8 October 2015

The recently appointed Permanent Committee for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure convened for the first time in The Hague on 8 September. In the coming months, the committee is going to itemise all large-scale research facilities. The committee is therefore asking the boards of public knowledge institutions to make their operational facilities and future investment plans transparent for the coming 5 years.

Large-Scale scientific infrastructure. Credits: Hollandse HoogteCredits: Hollandse Hoogte

The Permanent Committee is chaired by Hans van Duijn and was created to ensure the long-term and forward-looking use of investment opportunities in large-scale scientific infrastructure. The boards can use different forms to register facilities.

From collections to telescopes

Large-scale scientific infrastructure involves more than just equipment such as telescopes and MRI scanners. It also involves more ‘virtual’ facilities, such as university book collections, biobanks and scientific ICT systems. The committee examines facilities suitable for both fundamental research and applied research. During the first meeting, the committee defined the requirements that large-scale infrastructure must meet in order to be considered for itemisation.


The Permanent Committee is an outcome of the government’s Vision for Science and was appointed by NWO. The committee’s inventory will include facilities within the Netherlands as well as foreign facilities that are accessible to Dutch researchers. When the committee completes its inventory, it will approach the research world to discover which facilities should be included in the National Roadmap [link] and therefore be given the highest priority in the Netherlands in the coming years. Once every two years, NWO grants 80 million euros to research facilities that are on the National Roadmap.

Source: NWO