NWO funds switch to Gold Open Access for linguistics journals within LingOA

12 October 2015

NWO is supporting the editorial boards of a number of linguistics journals in the switch to a Gold Open Access publication model by awarding a total of 80,000 euros to the project LingOA.

For the time being it concerns the academic linguistics journals LabPhon and the Journal of Portuguese Linguistics. Other journals, including the large journal Lingua, are ready to make the switch but are still talking with their publisher. The editors of these journals are taking leave of their old publishers, including Elsevier, and are continuing their work under Ubiquity Press, a publisher that satisfies all of the conditions of Gold Open Access. In some cases, such as for LabPhon, the title of the journal is retained. If the old publisher does not want to release the title then only the editorial boards are moving. At the new publisher they will start under a new name.

The open science logo is a open padlockThe open science logo is a open padlock

LingOA is an initiative of Dutch linguists to make the accessibility of scientific results within their discipline independent of commercial publishers. Scientific Open Access journals do not have any subscription costs or embargoes. The publication costs are paid for by the scientific community and are referred to as Article Processing Charges (APCs). Consequently the articles in these journals are accessible to everybody online. Furthermore, LingOA has been set up in such a way that the costs for the publishing scientists are relatively low and transparent.

Own initiative

NWO is in favour of Gold Open Access. It therefore asks all of the researchers it funds to publish their results in Open Access journals and it encourages them to do this by making various funds available. An alternative for Gold Open Access is Green Open Access. This means that when the article is published in the subscription journal, a version of the article is made available at the same time via a public repository.

In the Netherlands, linguistics is a relatively small, but very close-knit scientific community. So a careful selection of an editorial board is vital for ensuring a journal's quality. NWO thinks that the action of the four editorial boards is therefore an important signal within their discipline. It is a good example of how researchers can take initiatives to speed up the transition to full Open Access.

To support the transition of the four journals within LingOA, NWO is making 20,000 euros available per journal. A condition for the funding from NWO is that the Association of Universities in the Netherlands and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences reimburse the APCs for the first five years via their institutes.

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