No applications between 13 and 23 November!

3 November 2015

Between 13 and 23 November 2015, NWO is migrating to the new online application and reporting system, ISAAC. This affects the possibility to submit applications.

Calls with a deadline

For funding instruments with a deadline after 23 November, applications cannot be submitted in Iris. Instead, applicants should refrain from submitting their proposal until 23 November, when the new system becomes available.

Calls without a deadline

For funding instruments without a deadline (continuous applications) applicants can submit their proposals via the current system Iris up until November 12. From 13 November on, Iris is no longer available. Between 13 and 23 November, no applications can be submitted to NWO.

From 23 November on, applications can only be submitted via the new system ISAAC.

Project updates

From 13 to 23 November, it is also not possible to submit project updates of ongoing research to NWO. From 23 November onwards, the new system ISAAC should be used for this purpose as well.

Generally, you can use your current Iris-account details to log on to the new system. For a limited number of accounts this is not possible. In that case, you will need to create a new account. 

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Source: NWO