New call for Responsible Innovation (NWO-MVI) in 2016

1 December 2015

With a budget of more than six million euros the Responsible Innovation programme (NWO-MVI) has acquired a prominent position in NWO's contribution to the Dutch 'Knowledge and Innovation Contract' for 2016-2017, that was signed on 5 October 2015. From 2016 onwards the Responsible Innovation programme will be involved in all top sectors. A new call for proposals will be published in the spring of 2016.

Research agenda NWO-MVI

From 2016 onwards the Responsible Innovation Research programme will be expanded to cover all top sectors, including the top sectors Creative Industry and Logistics. The research will focus on two pillars:

  • Specific subjects that play a role in one or several top sectors, such as synthetic biology, energy systems, water management, and smart cities
  • Generic subjects that are relevant for several top sectors at the same time (in 2014-2015, the agenda included subjects such as trust in modern technology, sustainable development, and responsible innovation entrepreneurship)

Furthermore, a center of expertise will be developed in 2016, that will also initiate the MVI subjects that are relevant for several top sectors at the same time. The center will be officially launched at the annual conference in May 2016.

The Research agenda NWO-MVI is currently under development, and will be finalised in January 2016. Provisional information about the specific subjects can be found in the chapters of the Dutch Knowledge and Innovation Contract [in Dutch]. Short English summaries can be found below. The complete agenda, including the generic subjects, will be presented at the matchmaking event in February 2016.

Overall timetable

New call for Responsible Innovation (NWO-MVI) in 2016 - timetable. Click for larger version.Click to enlarge


In February 2016 a matchmaking event will be organised for researchers from the humanities, the natural and technical sciences (including medical sciences), and the social sciences. This event will aim to facilitate the preparation of interdisciplinary research proposals. Participants will be given the opportunity to present themselves and their ideas in a pitch. In addition, there is extensive opportunity to meet other interested parties and to learn about the details of the call for proposals. More information will be given in January 2016, including a calendar with events where NWO-MVI will be present to give information about the call.

Online matchmaking opportunities

LinkdIn Group MVImatch

MVImatch enables you to connect with fellow researchers, organisations and other stakeholders that are interested in the NWO-MVI research programme. Relevant updates about the call will be posted in the MVImatch Group as well. 


Valoriz is an online platform that enables scientists, organisations and other stakeholders from all over Europe to easily connect. Valoriz is the place for these groups to show society what it is they are working on, why it is so important to you and how it impacts the world.

Please note that Valoriz is not an NWO initiative, but it might be a useful tool to find the right partner to collaborate with.

Summaries in English

Building Blocks of Life: topsectors Agri&Food, Horticulture & Starting Materials, and Life Sciences & Health

The contributions of the top sectors Agri&Food, Horticulture & Starting Materials and Life Sciences & Health will be used for research about the ethical and societal aspects of the application of knowledge that allows for the design and creation of altered, improved or new forms of life for specific purposes (within the new NWO research programme Building Blocks of Life). The agenda will be developed in collaboration with the top sectors involved.

Topsector Chemistry

The top sectors Chemistry and Energy have identified some cross-overs about energy storage (in chemical compounds) and energy carriers (fuels). Next to these subjects, other subjects (with less focus on cross-over aspects) are relevant as well for both top sectors. In 2014-2015 the top sector Chemistry participated for the first time in the Responsible Innovation programme: it turned out that NWO-MVI was still relatively unknown to this field. Therefore, more attention will be paid to MVI within Chemistry in 2016-2017.  

Topsector Creative Industry

The agenda will be developed in collaboration with the top sector. Possible subjects include: ICT (internet of things, big data, cloud and mobile computing, cybersecurity etc.). Smart Cities, Fashion (new materials, technology, wearables), Gaming, Energy. The latter includes the topic Creating Smart Energy Citizens, within the cross-over Smart Energy. This agenda will be developed in collaboration with the top sector Energy, and the programme on societal aspects of the energy transition (a public-private collaboration that is currently developed by NWO and Eneco). 

Topsector Energy

The agenda will be developed in conjunction with the programme of the top sector Energy (formerly known as STEM, recently relabeled as 'MVI-Energie'), and other energy research programmes at NWO. The agenda is currently under development, but will build on the NWO-MVI research agenda of 2014-2015. Moreover, the top sectors Energy and Chemistry have identified some cross-overs about energy storage (in chemical compounds) and energy carriers (fuels). 

Topsector Logistics

Within the top sector Logistics there are many subjects that raise ethical and societal issues. The logistics solutions of the top sector can get an added value when these issues are taken into account. 

Topsector Water

The agenda will be developed in collaboration with the top sector. The research will be benefit from, and build further on results already obtained, and will focus on gaps and new questions.

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