More than 24 million euros for Creative Industry research

Top sectors proposition 2016-2017

6 October 2015

For the next proposition period NWO will contribute more than 24 million euros to research for the creative industries. The contribution focuses on research for network forming (KIEM) and on large-scale research, for example for the crossovers Smart Industry, Smart Culture or Health. A new aspect is the explicit collaboration between scientific and practice-oriented research in a number of calls. On 5 October 2015 NWO, as one of the parties involved, signed the 'Dutch Knowledge and Innovation Contract' for 2016 and 2017.

The 'Roadmap SMART Culture' shows how research in the area of culture, art and media can contribute to innovative solutions for societal, economic and industrial problems. (Image: Hollandse Hoogte)The 'Roadmap SMART Culture' shows how research in the area of culture, art and media can contribute to innovative solutions for societal, economic and industrial problems. (Image: Hollandse Hoogte)

NWO's ambition for the top sector Creative Industry for the period 2016-2017 is to strengthen the knowledge base for the sector by focusing on research programmes that make this knowledge connection within and between sectors possible and to support interdisciplinary research. All of the programmes are underpinned by the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda of the top sector Creative Industry which is focused on Future Societies under the title SMART society.


During the elaboration of the programme, NWO collaborates intensively with TKI CLICKNL. As the Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI), CLICKNL operates in the triangle government - industry - knowledge institutions. Over the next two years the consortium will invest a lot of effort in realising large cross-sector and public-private partnerships.

SMART Industry, culture, big data

The innovation contract offers possibilities for public-private programming and public-private partnerships. NWO invests across the top sectors by working with as many different top sectors as possible. Examples are the collaboration in the area of SMART Industry (top sector HTSM) or in the context of the ICT research framework of Digital Humanities and Commit2Data that focuses on large-scale big data research. Specifically for the culture aspect within the creative industry NWO developed the Roadmap SMART Culture in line with the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda of CLICKNL. This agenda makes research across top sectors possible by connecting economic and societal agendas in the creative domain.

Application-oriented research

The research programming is aligned with everyday practice due to the attention for application-oriented research. That is expressed in collaboration with the Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA (NRPO SIA), an NWO unit that acts as a co-financier in various calls such as the KIEM regulation and SMART Culture III (art and culture). The Platform HBO will be established specifically for the practice-oriented research at universities of applied sciences.

All of the research programmes are related to the agendas of one or more top sectors or to societal agendas. At the international level there is alignment with various Horizon2020 programmes such as the HERA programme. Digging into Data focuses on big data research and there is collaboration with partners in Brazil, the United States, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. The JPI Cultural Heritage makes cultural heritage research possible based on the European strategic research agenda.

NWO contribution Knowledge and Innovation Contract 2016/2017

With the Knowledge and Innovation Contract, government, industry and knowledge organisations subscribe to the ambitions for the top sectors with the aim of strengthening the Dutch knowledge and innovation system. A total of 4.2 billion euros will be invested; NWO's contribution is 550 million euros. NWO's contribution is intended for high-quality scientific research and 200 million euros of this amount will be allocated to research that companies also make a financial contribution to: public-private partnership (PPP).

About the theme Creative Industry

Creative Industry is the umbrella term for fashion and industrial designers, architects, advertising agencies and producers of software and games. It also includes media and entertainment, the arts, cultural heritage and cultural events. For many years this has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the Dutch economy. Via this theme NWO invests in scientific research by, for and about the creative industry. NWO Humanities is responsible for the top sector Creative Industry within NWO.

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