Call for Mentor Network female mathematicians

3 November 2015

How do women experience a career in academia? What are my opportunities for professional development? How do I create a good work-life balance? What career options are there after completing a PhD in mathematics? How do I find an academic job?

In September 2015, the European Women in Mathematics - Nederland (EWM-NL) platform launched a mentor network for female mathematicians. This network will connect female students, PhD students, postdocs and senior mathematicians.


Potential mentors (M/F) and mentees (F) are invited to register!

Why a mentor network?

EWM-NL has noticed that many female mathematicians (students, PhD students, postdocs, tenure trackers, etc.) struggle with questions as above and related issues. The mentor network will provide an opportunity for mentees (F) to ask their questions to senior mathematicians (M/F). Through the network, you will be able to discuss things with someone who knows what you’re going through, while not being that close to you.

How does it work?

1) Sign up as a mentee, resp. mentor, by filling out the form on our webpage: The form consists of questions about your situation and interests; additionally, you can state your preferences for a mentor, resp. mentee.
2) Based on this form, a match will be made.
3) Mentor and mentee will be notified of their match, after which the mentee initiates the first meeting.

For questions about the mentor network, please contact Petra de Bont (NWO-EW) at

Source: NWO