161 Veni grants for talented scientists

17 July 2015

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded 161 Veni grants worth a maximum of 250,000 euros each. Veni, together with Vidi and Vici is part of NWO's Talent Scheme and is aimed at scientists who have recently gained their PhD and who demonstrate a striking talent for scientific research.

In the Veni funding round of 2015, NWO is investing more than 40 million euros in non-programmed and curiosity-driven research. Scientists awarded funding will focus on a wide range of subjects, for example the rediscovery of mediaeval art by surrealists, the evolution of galaxy clusters, and how the brain solves complex problems. With a Veni grant they can do research for a period of three years.

With Veni, the researchers are free to submit their own subject for funding. All proposals are assessed in a peer-review process by external experts from the relevant disciplines. The research proposals submitted are subsequently assessed within the NWO science divisions by broadly appointed committees. Cross-disciplinary proposals are assessed by a separate committee.

All awarded research proposals are stated in the 2015 Veni Awards list, together with the associated facts and figures for this funding round.

Programme image Talent Scheme - plasma cloud in pink, blue and purple

Talent Scheme

The Talent Scheme offers individual funding to talented, creative researchers. Researchers can use this to develop their own innovative line of research. The Talent Scheme has three grants that match different phases in scientists' careers: Veni, for researchers who have recently gained a PhDs; Vidi, for experienced researchers and Vici, for excellent senior researchers who have demonstrated their ability to develop an innovative line of research successfully.

Source: NWO