LinkedIn group for call Responsible Innovation

25 April 2014

In addition to last month's live matchmaking sessions, the research programme Responsible Innovation has created a group on LinkedIn that can be joined by people interested in the latest call for proposals.

With the group MVImatch, NWO aims to provide an open platform for interested parties (private companies, researchers and non-governmental organisations) to meet and team up with each other to jointly develop and submit a research proposal. It is possible to respond to messages from others, or to submit a post yourself. 

Applications for Responsible Innovation-research projects can be submitted by consortia composed of researchers from the humanities, the field of science and technology, and social sciences, and at least one private partner. Research can also take place in a Low or Middle Income Country. The project then has to be a collaboration between researchers from the Netherlands and the country concerned. 

The deadline for submitting a preliminary proposal is 15 May 2014.  More information on Responsible Innovation and the call for proposals is available on the programme's website.

Source: NWO