Open Science Meeting 2014: Science and Society

25 February 2014

From 26 to 28 January, the 7th edition of Indonesian and Dutch collaborative Open Science Meeting (OSM2014) was held, this time in Makassar.

The meeting was organised by Hasanuddin University, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI), and the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology (RISTEK) and NWO.

The theme, Science and Society, invited speakers and presenters from different governmental, social, private sector and scientific backgrounds to reflect on, and show how science and society interact and (should) influence each other. Science is increasingly expected to contribute to societal wellbeing, economic growth and better public policy formulation and therefore knowledge utilisation and innovation, including social innovation, were prominent in the presentations and sessions. The keynote speakers included Professor Armida Alisyahbana,  the Indonesian State Minister for National Development Planning and Professor Wiebe Bijker of Maastricht University (and also chair of WOTRO). For more information, visit the Open Science Meeting website

AbF Masterclass 

One of the masterclasses of the OSM2014 was organised by the project Breakthroughs in Biofuels of the research programme Agriculture beyond Food. This progamme is financed by NWO and KNAW and executed with RISTEK and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences  (LIPI). Read a short report on the meeting here

Source: NWO