Migration researchers meet in Hyderabad, India

17 February 2014

From 27 to 29 January, all researchers involved in the Migration, Development and Conflict research programme met in the Indian city of Hyderabad for a midterm workshop.

Over 20 researchers from India, the Netherlands and South Africa participated in the three-day event, which was organised by WOTRO and the Centre for the Study of Indian Diaspora of the University of Hyderabad. The main goal of the meeting was to take stock of the progress of the five research projects, most of which are currently halfway, and to discuss their preliminary results. The meeting also aimed to stimulate cooperation between the projects and the researchers involved.

Opening of the meeting by Dr Amit Kumar Mishra of the University of Hyderabad

Each project within the programme deals with a specific aspect of migration in relation to development and/or conflict in South Africa, India and the Netherlands. The first day of the midterm workshop was dedicated to presentations by all executive researchers on their work, followed by in-depth discussions about research methodology, the problems the researchers encounter in doing their research and on the meaning and implications of their preliminary results. 

Day 2 of the meeting consisted of a session with keynotes by local researchers and researchers of the programme. This open session was attended by (PhD) students of the university. Dr Amit Kumar Mishra of the Centre for the Study of Indian Diaspora gave a lecture on the changes over time in the way the Indian state engages with the diaspora. In her keynote, Prof. Aparna Rayaprol dealt with the role and position of women in the Indian diaspora. These presentations were followed by lectures of Migration-researchers Prof. Willem van Schendel on armed migration in India’s northeast and by Prof. Valentina Mazzucato on transnational families. 

Site visit to OMCAP

In the afternoon of the second day, the researchers met with representatives of two local organisations active in the field of migration: the Indian Rights Council and OMCAP, the Overseas Manpower Company of Andhra Pradesh, which better prepares Indian migrants for their stay in the Gulf States.

The event was concluded with a session on the third day on the identification of common themes and potential topics for future collaboration between the researchers. In addition, plans were made for the closing conference of the programme, which will be held early next year. More details about this conference will be posted on the website of Migration, Development and Conflict in due time.

Source: NWO