Wilco Hazeleger new Director of Netherlands eScience Center

25 March 2014

Prof. Wilco Hazeleger is appointed as the Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) new permanent director. Prof. Hazeleger, currently head of Global and Regional Climate Division at KNMI, will begin his new role in July 2014 with overall responsibility for the direction and operation of the center.

Prof. W. (Wilco) HazelegerProf. W. (Wilco) Hazeleger

NLeSC is a mission driven center that operates as a networked institute with a physical center at the Science Park Amsterdam. NLeSC coordinates a collaborative scientific program, including research groups from both academia and industry, to conduct funded projects, balancing short-term scientific results and the development of a longer-term eScience strategy. Prof. Hazeleger sees a bright future ahead for the center: 'The center plays a pivotal role on the interface of science and digital technology. It will develop further its already successful activities in providing the support and development of eScience tools and concepts for data and computing intensive applications.'

About Prof. dr. ir. W. (Wilco) Hazeleger

Wilco Hazeleger (1971) has been leading the Global and Regional Climate Division of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and has a chair in Climate Dynamics at Wageningen University. In the past year he was also acting Director of Climate Research and Seismology at KNMI. He studied meteorology at Wageningen University and Reading University (UK). He received his PhD in 1999 in physical oceanography from Utrecht University, after which he went to Columbia University (USA) to conduct climate research. Since 2002 he has worked at KNMI on climate dynamics, development of climate and sea level scenarios and of global Earth system models. He initiated and leads the EC-Earth project, a European consortium of around 20 research institutes, high-end computing centres and universities that develops a state-of-the-art Earth system model. He serves on a number of international and national science committees and is involved in a large number of national and European climate science projects.

Source: NWO

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