Vici grant awarded to 31 leading scientists

27 January 2014

Thirty-one scientists have each received 1.5 million euros to do research and build up a research group over the next five years. They have received a Vici grant from the Talent Scheme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Talent SchemeCredits: Flickr commons

The scientists are doing research, for example, into the origin of biodiversity, self-sufficient crops, the consequences of working to an increasingly higher age, a new right to inviolability of the home to protect privacy in the 21st-century, and water on the moon.


Investments in talent and curiosity-driven research

Vici is one of the researcher-specific types of funding from NWO to encourage scientific talent and is awarded each year. It is a boost for the Vici researchers and creates opportunities for a large number of young researchers who will work in the research groups of the Vici laureates. The researchers are free to choose the subject of their research.


The Vici researchers represent many different scientific disciplines. A large proportion of the studies are directly related to current societal issues such as the risk of flooding and the security of computer systems.

Selection of the best proposals


A total of 202 researchers submitted a proposal for Vici. From these, 31 scientists eventually received a Vici grant, an award rate of 15%.


The best proposals are selected using the following procedure. First of all for each project several scientists from the applicant’s discipline give their response to the research proposal. Committees of renowned scientists from different disciplines subsequently compare all of the proposals and interview the applicants about their research proposal. When selecting the proposals the assessors look at the quality of the researcher, the innovative character and scientific impact of the research proposal, and the knowledge utilisation.


The Talent Scheme


Vici is part of NWO's Talent Scheme, which consists of the Veni, Vidi and Vici grants. With this scheme NWO offers scientists in different phases of their career the opportunity to carry out groundbreaking research.


About NWO



With a budget of 625 million euros per year, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is one of the biggest funding bodies for scientific research in the Netherlands. NWO promotes quality and innovation in science by selecting and funding the best research. It manages research institutes of national and international importance, contributes to strategic programming of scientific research in the Netherlands and brings science and society closer together. Research proposals are reviewed and selected by researchers of international repute. More than 5000 scientists can carry out research thanks to funding from NWO.

Source: NWO