NWO takes next step in Open Access policy

15 October 2014

NWO believes that research results obtained from research funded with public money must be freely accessible. To encourage this, NWO will revise the rules for the publication of research results: publications that emerge from NWO research must in future be immediately (from publication date onwards and therefore without an embargo period) publicly accessible. NWO Chairman Jos Engelen: ‘The rise of open access publishing is steady and irreversible. It is therefore good if all parties involved continue to take steps.’

The business model of publishers asking for an extra payment (in addition to subscription fees) to make an article available in open access form is not ideal in NWO's opinion. There is then a risk of a double payment being made - by NWO and by the universities who pay for the subscription costs - for the publication of a scientific article. Furthermore, this model maintains the current pay walls around scientific publications.

Modification Open Access Policy in new strategy NWO

Therefore in future, NWO researchers will not be able to use the budget awarded to pay for this type of publication. The tightening of the Open Access policy is part of the upcoming new NWO strategy, which will be published early 201. Subsequently, the new policy will be implemented and the new rules will be communicated in more detail.

NWO will request researchers to publish either in fully open access journals (Golden Road), or to deposit the article in a centrally managed, findable database of the university or the discipline (Green Road). That can also be a non-finalised version of an article, the post peer review pre-published version. It will still be possible to postpone a publication in the case of a patent application, for example. NWO is committed to making the transition to open access as supple as possible and will therefore also take into account the ‘administrative burden’ for the researchers.

Open access gates. Credit: I.Kalinin/ShutterstockCredit: I.Kalinin/Shutterstock

NWO and Open Science

NWO believes that research results that have been obtained with public money must be freely accessible. This also applies to making research data available and shareable for follow-up research and applications. This will allow valuable knowledge to be utilised by researchers, companies and public institutions. NWO therefore encourages Open Access publication and Open Access research data.

Source: NWO


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