Minister Bussemaker presents doctoral grants to teachers

13 February 2014

During a special awards ceremony at NWO on Monday 10 February 2014, 37 teachers were presented with a doctoral grant by the Minister for Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker. These teachers will do doctoral research at a university that results in a PhD thesis. NWO was responsible for the assessment and selection of the research proposals.

Presentation Doctoral Grant for TeachersPresentation Doctoral Grant for Teachers: in the centre Minister Jet Bussemaker next to NWO chair Jos Engelen. Click here for a larger version. Credits: Arie Wapenaar/NWO

In her speech, Minister Bussemaker expressed how pleased she was about the growing number of teachers who are choosing to do a PhD to develop themselves further either within or outside of their discipline. 'Not only do they become better teachers, but their schools also benefit from the expert knowledge and experience they have gained. The most important final outcome of this is that our pupils will soon receive even better education still.'

How can children who are newcomers to the Netherlands increase their vocabulary as quickly as possible? What is the significance of improvisation in 19th-century music? Can the electronic whiteboard be used to improve physics lessons? Just 3 of the 37 subjects that the latest group of talented teachers will investigate over the next few years during their doctoral research.

A lot of interest in doctoral research

The Doctoral Grant for Teachers programme started in 2011 and is popular among teachers. More than 100 teachers have since received a doctoral grant. The grant is intended for teachers from primary, secondary, further professional, higher professional and special education who want to gain a PhD. In 2013, 162 teachers applied for the 37 grants available. The number of doctoral grants has been increased to give more teachers the opportunity to develop themselves further and to strengthen the connections between universities and schools. In 2014 and 2015, 150 teachers will be given the opportunity to do doctoral research.


Source: NWO