€ 15 Million for social research projects that cross boundaries

8 May 2014

€15 million has been awarded to fifteen research projects that will allow academics in Europe and the United States to collaborate on a range of exciting projects that will push the boundaries of our understanding of individual and social behaviour and influence policy.

NWO Social Sciences

The grant has come from the Open Research Area Scheme (ORA). National funding organisations from across the continent and the US fund the ORA plus programme in order to strengthen international cooperation in the social sciences. The scheme was set up in order to minimise bureaucratic obstacles and restrictions usually associated with international funding.

This is the third round since the scheme launched in 2010 and the first round with the US as a partner. Please find information about the ORA scheme on the ORA programme pages. More information about the projects that will be funded for three years can be found in the press release.


Source: NWO