Proceedings in responsible innovation to be published

4 June 2014

On 31 July 2014, Springer will publish the first volume of proceedings in responsible innovation: Responsible Innovation: Innovative Solutions for Global Issues. The book is based on the First International Conference on Responsible Innovation, organised by NWO in 2011. It has been edited by the programme committee of the Responsible Innovation research programme.

It addresses the methodological issues involved in responsible innovation, i.e. multidisciplinary research into the ethical and societal aspects of new technologies and of changes in technological systems. It also presents an overview of recent applications, incorporates different approaches, discusses experiences and lessons learned and considers more general theoretical issues. Later this year a second volume will be published.

Satisfactory results

At the Third International Conference on Responsible Innovation, held in May 2014, Jeroen van den Hoven and Tsjalling Swierstra, two of the book's editors and also co-initiators of the Responsible Innovation research programme, stated their satisfaction with the programme's results so far. 'Our challenge is to create a fit between technology and society so that both can flourish', says Tsjalling Swierstra. 'We have seen some very interesting results, which both industry and policy makers are now trying to integrate into their daily work', says Jeroen van den Hoven.



Source: NWO