Nobel Prize winner Arieh Warshel to come to the Netherlands

22 April 2014

Arieh Warshel, the most recent winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, will come to the Netherlands this autumn. On 17 November he will speak at CHAINS 2014, the biggest chemistry conference in the Netherlands. Later that week, on 20 November, he is one of the main speakers at the at the symposium that the Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry is organising for its twentieth anniversary. Warshel will also provide a Chemistry Tour at the University of Amsterdam for students.

Nobel Prize winner Arieh WarshelPhoto: Damian Dovarganes

Professor Arieh Warshel is Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, US). In 2013 he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry together with Martin Karplus and Michael Levitt. The three ‘brought the experiment into cyberspace’ according to the Nobel Prize committee. Thanks to their work, chemists can now calculate reactions in detail and model these with the computer. That is important for new drugs, better solar cells and efficient chemical processes.

Biological systems

Warshel is best known for the computer simulation of biological systems. 'We developed a method for the computer analysis of protein structures so that we can gain insights into their behaviour. For example, some enzymes digest your food but how does that happen? If you know how certain proteins and enzymes function you can use that information to development new drugs. With our analyses we are searching for answers to these and many other questions,' says Warshel in an interview.

The Nobel laureate is coming to the Netherlands at the invitation of the Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry (HRSMC) and NWO Chemical Sciences. 'We are very much looking forward to Warshel’s arrival and are curious about what he has to tell us in his lecture,' says Rutger van Santen, chair of the CHAINS programme committee. Chemistry plays a key role in solving important issues in modern society, says Wybren Jan Buma, scientific director of the HRSMC. 'Warshel demonstrates that in a unique manner. His work provides the basis for numerous broad applications'.


  • 17 and 18 November: CHAINS 2014 organised by NWO Chemical Sciences, Koningshof (Veldhoven)
  • 19 November: Chemistry Tour for students, University of Amsterdam
  • 20 and 21 November: Lustrumsymposium HRSMC, Trippenhuis KNAW (Amsterdam)


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